Beaches by Boat

Surrounding Beaches.

Palolem is by far the best beach in Goa but there are many more to explore along the coast. The closest to Palolem Beach are Butterfly Beach and Honeymoon Beach which can only be reached by sea, a perfect reason for a boat trip. Or if your feeling energetic rent a Sea Kayak. North of Palolem you can discover Agonda Beach and Kola Beach. South of Palolem is Patnem, Rajbag and Turtle Beach all of which are well worth a visit.

These islands are usually visited by couples who want get away from the prying eyes of tourists.

The best time for a boat ride to these islands is either in the morning at 07:00 or in the evening around 17:00 when you can see the setting sun from the boat. Let us know where and when you would like to go, and we will be happy to arrange your trip for you.

Alternatively take a walk to Monkey Island. You can walk along the beach and across some rocks during low tide to reach the island, during high tide water covers the rocks and cuts the Island off from the beach. The Island has a network of trails to explore and the more adventurous can traverse the rocks on the periphery of the island.